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  • To foster the sport of youth soccer in the City of Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana.
  • To provide a stable administrative organization to develop, implement and manage youth soccer teams, leagues and related activities.
  • To expand youth soccer as a sport for children of all ages in the Knox County area and surrounding areas including the eastern side of Illinois.


  • US Soccer Association, Fall 1996
  • Indiana Youth Soccer Association, 5954 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46220 (317) 255-0491
  • Soccer Association for Youth


  • Affiliated with YMCA under Roy lnglis, Fall 1992, games played at YMCA
  • Affiliated with Vincennes University, Fall 1993, games played at VU
  • 1993-95 Association formed with parent advisory board Fall 1994
  • Incorporated, February 16, 1995
  • Not-for-Profit status, 1996
  • Games played at Lincoln High School 1996 - 1998
  • Games played at Youth Soccer Field, South Sixth St Road, Fall 1999

Future Vision

Our current park has about 13 acres, with 13 soccer fields. Fields 1-4 are 20' x 30', fields 5-8 are 35' x 45', and fields 9-13 are 35' x 50'.

In the future, we would love to have a 40-acre park, home to:

  • Soccer fields
  • Walking track
  • Horse shoe tournaments
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Regional soccer tournament that could pull in 100 teams from all over the midwest
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