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Added on 9/4/23 - We are about at 443 players for the fall season.
We are accepting waiting list only for Under 6 Boys, and 13 and Under Co-ed.  We are full at this point.  All other divisions still have openings.  Under 6 Girls, Under 8 Boys, Under 8 Girls, Under 10 Boys, Under 10 Girls are still available.


We will post it here, I will send out a mass email blast to all those who were registered in our previous years,  will send all texts to me a note, along with new people emails, Facebook, radio, newspapers, notify superintendent's,  etc with this information.  PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD !

TO Register:
You can log in if you have an account and go through the steps of registration completing the 6 steps to complete everything.  If you do not have an account set-up yet and are a newbie to our program, please click on the "REGISTER" button top right corner off our web page and create your account first, email and password to create your account, then you can register players after this is completed.  Help spread the word, tell your friends, neighbors, and classmates we are beginning registration. 

Thanks for your help... roy.

Please review the 4 blue hyper links below and read thru all related information and Info Sheets/League Rules.  Thanks.....

2023 Fall Registration
 - Register/Login using buttons at the top right of this page.  

Many of your questions can be answered by visiting the 4 Blue Hyper Links at the bottom of this page or by visiting the Help section of this site.

Welcome to the 32nd Year of Youth Soccer for Vincennes and the surrounding areas for the FALL 2023 program.

Please direct questions to Roy Inglis - Director VYSA
Email =  [email protected] = primary email.   (please use email first if needing information)   (Also you may write to [email protected]. Thank you)
Cell = 812-890-1164   (texting ok)
Home = (812) 886-5406   (please leave a message)

I will use email first to assist the most people in the most efficient manner.  If you have a question, chances are others do too.  Please write via email if needed.  I will use Facebook on a limited basis.  For me, directing emails to all saves time, and gets the message to all in a faster manner.  

LATE REGISTRATION FEES:  Beginning Saturday, August 12, 2023, a late registration fee of $10.00 will also be assessed.  Please register early for the lowest fee and to guarantee a spot for your child on a team.  Late registrations will be placed if an opening exists on a team.  PLEASE REGISTER EARLY :-)))

Due to insurance regulations, REGISTRATION WITHOUT FULL PAYMENT DOES NOT BIND YOUR CHILD TO A TEAM. Your child will not be placed on a team, nor can they practice with a team, until their registration fees are paid in full or acceptable terms are reached with VYSA.

CONTACT JON ANDREWS  [email protected]  to set up a qualified payment plan, if necessary.  Further, if payment plan agreements are in any way breached, your child may be restricted or removed from participating with his/her team.

VYSA Registration Info Sheets Fall 202
3 - Please open and read this for the quick fact sheet of all you need..  All dates and much info you will need is here.

League Rules Fall 2023  - Please open and read this for a more detailed view of our League Rules.

Indiana Youth Soccer Safety Guidelines  - The Indiana Youth Soccer Association Guidelines for Leagues, Coaches, Players, and Parents.  If you have not been vaccinated please read and follow these Guidelines and use your best common sense while staying informed.  We posted this for Fall 2020, but it contains a lot of useful information that we will ask you to review for parents, players, coaches, referees, spectators, etc... 

VYSA Covid-19 Safety Plan - This is a summary of our talk with the Knox County Health Department from Monday, July 26th, 2021  PLEASE READ

Tell your Mom, your Dad, tell your Classmates, your Neighbors, etc... that we are open for REGISTRATION for FALL 2023 YOUTH SOCCER.  Thanks for your patience.

For additional help or questions please contact David Weiss
email = [email protected]
cell= (812) 881-6329  

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